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Bi-Folding doors

Bi-folding doors are what you are looking for. Bi-fold doors can be used to replace your existing French or patio doors to create a larger patio onto a terrace area.

Bi-Folding doors

If you want to have an unobstructed open space to enhance the view of your garden whilst bringing more natural light into your home, Bi-folding doors are the perfect option. Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular over recent years and are often now used to replace existing French or patio doors to bring more of the outside in. Our Bi fold doors are made from sustainably sourced hardwood and are built to last a lifetime. Doors glide effortlessly on their durable tracks and fold neatly to one side creating maximum access to the outside.

  • Timeless design that maximizes glass and light
  • High thermal, weather, security and acoustic performance
  • High quality engineered wood for strength & performance
  • Natural thermal barrier providing ultimate energy efficiency
  • Quality components with market leading warranties in range of finishes
  • Woodgrain effects to choose from
  • Lock compatibility to match existing handle hardware package
  • Maximum versatility - Bespoke sizing capabilities to suit your living space.
  • Perfectly secure
  • Easy opening, easy and high quality sliding system
  • Double glazed
  • One gasket
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