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Sash Tilt & Slide Windows

Sash box windows can also utilize the so-called “tilt and slide” system. The opening mechanism remains the same of two separate sashes sliding parallel to each other, with the addition they can also be tilted in for easy cleaning.

Sash tilt & slide windows

This window looks like a traditional sash spring generally, but have more hidden advantages. This sash can be tilted up and down and also it can be tilted in for easy cleaning. In normal operation, sashes slide up and down as usual. However, the top of each sash can be tilted into the room to an angle of about 50-degrees, allowing simple access to the outer panes for cleaning. These kinds of windows are ideal for windows that are hard to reach from the building exterior, such as upstairs windows in built-up areas.

  • A Energy Rated windows retaining traditional period features
  • Engineered timber providing excellent durability, all from certified, sustainable sources
  • High thermal, weather, security and acoustic performance
  • Elegant range of authentic glazing bars
  • 10 year paint guarantee
  • High security shoot bolt key locking mechanisms and night vent option
  • Wide range of glass options with Self Cleaning Glass and Noise Reduction
  • Woodgrain effects to choose from
  • Most accessories are UK manufactured for world class quality, reliability and durability
  • Easy cleaning

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