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Timber Products

Timber frame windows are a classic in British homes and can be in virtually any property type. Wooden window frames retain a lost time look with most modern installations.

Highly durable timber windows and doors

We only use slow-grown timber from sustainable Siberian forests. As the expression itself suggests, slow-grown timber is a type of wood sourced from trees that have grown more slowly than other examples of the same species; this can happen for various reasons, but it is mainly due to climate conditions. Placed right beneath the Arctic circle, the Siberian region is known for being extremely cold, with a short summer season and a lonely winter. Here, trees can grow exceptionally slowly, gradually developing high density, strength and outstanding durability.

Sustainable forests result from common-sense policies to ensure that forests continue to exist and provide natural materials for us all. Such forests are managed so that, as trees are felled, they are immediately replaced with seedlings that will eventually grow into mature trees. Our timber is 100% engineered on both windows and doors. Engineered wood is manufactured to minimise voids between wood particles, thus maximising strength and density; it is more challenging and durable than ordinary wood. It does not expand or contract with changing moisture conditions.

Timber Products
Timber Products


Among all windows and door types on the market, timber is arguably the most eco-friendly option, both for energy efficiency and long-term carbon reduction. Intrinsically thermal resistant, wood is highly energy-efficient, and most wood double-glazing frames are A-rated or higher. Therefore, choosing timber windows will reduce a property’s impact on the environment by lowering its carbon footprint.

Sustainable forest management directly addresses the issues associated with deforestation and poor timber sourcing practices while increasing benefits to people and the environment. Our sustainable, slow-grown Siberian timber fulfils strict requirements; it must grow with few knots and be perfectly straight – making it easy to process with little waste. Wood sourced from sustainable forests means that more trees get planted than chopped down, and it is a proven way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Wood products are effectively carbon stores, and our growing forests act as carbon sinks, absorbing more than they release.

Timber Products

Cost Effective

Wooden windows and doors offer value, style, and durability. Our timber products are guaranteed for 25 years, making them some of the most enduring window styles available. Despite this, they remain among the most affordable type of windows on the market. Our timber windows and doors are manufactured by our partner company, Langvalda, in Lithuania, ensuring that they successfully meet European standards and perform effectively in the harsh conditions of Northern European environments while keeping products competitive and cost-effective.

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